b'A MYGA CASE STUDYMeet Sonya, a 60-year-old conservative investor with over a million dollars currently held in her bank account. She wants to:Grow her assets with a predictable and attractive rate of returnEnsure her principal is protected Leave a legacy for her familyHave penalty-free access to her investmentsSonya decides to invest $1,000,000 and purchases a Knighthead Annuity Safe Harbour TMG5 at a guaranteed rate of 3.25%. With this product, Sonya will earn $173,411 over the 5-year duration of the contract. Sonya also knows her principal is protected. This guaranteed rate of return gives her peace of mind knowing shell have a secure source of money to leave behind as a legacy. Plus, if necessary, she has the added flexibility to convert this into an income stream at the end of the term or continue the contract for an additional term(s).Actual Earned Interest $173,411CONTRACT YEAR $1,173,4115 YEAR $1,136,476$1,136,4764 YEAR $1,100,703$1,100,7033 YEAR $1,066,056$1,066,0562 YEAR $1,032,500$1,032,500 ENDING VALUE1 YEAR $1,000,000 STARTING VALUEUSD 1,000,000 1,050,000 1,100,000 1,150,000 1,200,000knightheadannuity.comTel 345-623-0300Toll Free 1-855-789-KHAL (5425)7'