b'5 KEY BENEFITS OF FIXED ANNUITIES IN THE CAYMAN ISLANDSInvesting in fixed annuities provides many advantages over other investments, including:1 Guaranteed investment returns:Youll have a choice of investment options that includereturns based on an attractive guaranteed investmentrate or on market performanceall while knowing yourprincipal and prior earned interest can never declinein value.2 Diversification of currency/country:Purchasing an annuity outside of your own country candiversify your investment portfolio while protecting a portionof your wealth from in-country currency fluctuations or othereconomic risks.3 Wealth transfer and estate planning:At death, proceeds of the contract are paid directly to yourbeneficiaries. This eliminates the need for a potentiallylengthy and expensive probate process or having yourassets subjected to forced heirship rules or regulations.4 Creditor protection:Cayman Islands law explicitly protects annuity contractsfrom creditors or claims against the insurer, the beneficiaryor the owner. Together with the Trust that is provided toyou at no additional charge, annuity contracts ensureproceeds are paid to you or your designated beneficiaries.5 Reduction of potential foreign tax: Many clients are unaware that direct investments inforeign jurisdictions may generate unintendedwithholding taxes on dividends and certain forms ofinterest, as well as estate taxes. Investing with KnightheadAnnuity may eliminate these potential issues that canimpact your wealth.4Knighthead Safe Harbour Fixed Annuities'