b'ABOUT KNIGHTHEAD ANNUITYKnighthead Annuity is a Cayman Islands based insurance company established to serve global clients who seek financial products that provide principal protection, guaranteed returns and features that We are focused oninclude liquidity, death benefits and a choice of income options to preserving and growingdeliver predictable future income.the wealth of our global clients throughMultiple Ratingsa wide range of fixedWhile most companies serving the offshore market hold no independent rating of any kind, Knighthead Annuitys financial annuity options. strength is rated A- (Excellent) by KBRA & A- (Financially Sound) by A.M. Best. These ratings are reflective of Knighthead Annuitys balance sheet strength, operating performance and business profile. We are proud to provide our advisors and their clients the validation that comes from an independent rating.Proven investment strategyKnighthead Annuity is dedicated to protecting individuals and families from financial risks that can affect their investments, businesses and retirement savings. To that end, we have hired Knighthead Capital Management, LLC, a multi-billion dollarSEC-registered investment advisor located in New York, to manage our general account. Knighthead Annuitys assets are held in a separate account that is managed with a strategy that seeks to maximize risk-adjusted returns with a goal of capital preservation. Committed to excellenceTo ensure the quality of our service, we also partner with some of the worlds most well-known service providers, including Ernst & Young Ltd., Estera Trust (Cayman) Ltd., Goldman Sachs, Northern Trust and J.P. Morgan Chase.Knighthead Annuitys policy administration and support center is internally staffed with dedicated employees located at our headquarters in the Cayman Islands. We do not outsource any support, which means that when you contact us, youll always speak live with a real representative located in our Cayman Islands office. 12Knighthead Safe Harbour Fixed Annuities'