b'Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA)Receive a guaranteed income stream for either a set period or over your lifetime.With Knighthead Annuitys Safe Harbour TMSingle Premium Immediate Annuity, you have the opportunity to take a lump sum investment and convert it to a stream of income for a certain number of years or for your lifetime. This solution provides you with your own personal pension plan or funding vehicle, which gives you peace of mind knowing you will have a safe, steady source of income for the length of your retirementregardless of the market environment. SPIA AT A GLANCE10 & 20 year period certainTerms Life contract with 5-year period certainLife with cash refund Monthly payments GuaranteedTrust structure Trust provides estate planning benefits at no additional chargeThere is a limited Beneficiaries Ability to name your beneficiary, including a US Citizenspousal estate tax exemption for anon-residents US assets. You may be able to better protect your wealth from unanticipated estate tax with a Knighthead Annuity.10Knighthead Safe Harbour Fixed Annuities'