b'Fixed Index Annuity (FIA)Participate in the market, but protect your investment and earned interest against market losses. With a FIA, your investment return is linked to the performance of the equity marketswithout any downside risk. The value of your Knighthead Safe Harbour TMAnnuity is based on the annual performance of an Index, such as the S&P 500, MSCI EM or MSCI EAFE, subject to a highly attractive cap. You also have the ability to reallocate your investment every year among available indices or a fixed rate account.FIA AT A GLANCETerms 5 & 7 year Death benefit * Equal to 101% of the contract value free of any surrender fee or market value adjustmentCredit rate Annual point-to-point returns are credited based on the Index, up to a cap rateNo downside risk 100% protection of principal with 0% floorLiquidity 10% of premium per year capped at 50%10 & 20 year period certainAnnuities can protectPayout options Life contract with 5-year period certainyour money and Life with cash refund Trust structure Trust provides estate planning benefits at no additional provide a guaranteedchargestream of retirementBeneficiaries Ability to name your beneficiary, including a US Citizenincome. *Not available in all jurisdictions. 8Knighthead Safe Harbour Fixed Annuities'