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We are focused on one thing - offering fixed annuities to preserve and grow the wealth of our global clients.

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Serving Global Clients
Knighthead Annuity & Life Assurance Company is a Cayman Islands based insurance company established to serve global clients who are seeking financial products that provide principal protection, guaranteed returns and features that include liquidity, death benefits and a choice of income options to deliver predictable future income. Moreover, Knighthead Annuity backs its fixed annuity offering with its considerable financial strength of more than $2 billion in assets, $250 million of equity and a commitment to the highest levels of support and service to clients and their financial advisors.

Top Tier Service Providers
Knighthead Annuity is led by a team of senior professionals, an active and experienced board of directors and top tier service providers with decades of investment, wealth management, insurance and operational experience.

Dedicated to Helping Protect Individuals and Families
Knighthead Annuity is dedicated to helping protect individuals and families from financial risks that can affect their investments, businesses and retirement savings. Our commitment to our policyholders is supported by the strength of our balance sheet and our intent to maintain an asset to liability ratio that leads the industry and is many times regulatory capital requirements. Our financial stability means that clients can rely on Knighthead Annuity's products to deliver their promised benefits and the predictable income to help protect individuals from financial risks that can affect their investments, businesses and retirement savings.

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