Direct Annuities

First in class products offer guaranteed returns, enhanced death benefit, free withdrawals, guaranteed income for life or a fixed term and a trust structure.

In an environment characterized by financial engineering and investment offerings described as the "next big thing," Knighthead Annuity is focused on one thing - providing fixed annuities through our financial institution partners to preserve and grow accumulated wealth of global high net worth individuals and families. At Knighthead Annuity, we offer a variety of interest rate guaranteed periods, highly competitive rates and payout options that meet the financial goals of our clients whether currently retired or retiring in many years.

Benefits of all of our fixed annuity products:

  • 100% backed by the financial strength of Knighthead Annuity
  • Protection against currency devaluation - USD offering
  • Availability of predictable income through payout plans offering period certain and income for life options
  • Annual free partial withdrawal privileges
  • 101% of contract value payout death benefit feature
  • Enhanced estate planning benefits available through simplified trust structure

Our multi-year guaranteed fixed annuity offers:

  • 3, 5, 7 & 10 year guaranteed return options
  • Highly attractive, annually compounding, crediting rates

Our fixed index annuity offers:

  • 3, 5 & 7 year annual point to point options
  • Performance linked to the S&P 500®, MSCI EAFE®, MSCI EM® or a fixed account
  • The ability to reallocate between indicies or the fixed account, annually
  • Never lose your initial investment or prior interest earned
  • Highly attractive cap rates, 100% particpation