Knighthead Annuity is a well-rated insurance and reinsurance company established to serve global clients seeking principal protection and guaranteed financial products, as well as reinsurance of similar liabilities from US insurers.

Knighthead Annuity & Life Assurance Company has established itself as the market leader of fixed and fixed indexed annuity offerings for global clients. Since its inception, it has focused on helping clients preserve and grow accumulated wealth by providing fixed annuities with attractive guaranteed rates, generous liquidity features and a choice of payout options to provide predictable future income. It backs its commitment with superior financial strength and our commitment to the highest levels of client service.

Direct Annuities

First in class products offer guaranteed returns, enhanced death benefit, free withdrawals, and guaranteed income for life or a fixed term and a trust structure.

Single premium immediate annuity (SPIA)

With a SPIA, you take a lump sum investment and convert it to a stream of income for a certain number of years or for your lifetime. It provides you with your own personal pension plan or funding vehicle, giving you the peace of mind of having a safe, steady source of income.

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Multi-year guaranteed annuity (MYGA)

With a MYGA you receive a highly competitive guaranteed rate of return for 3, 5, 7 or 10 years. Your account is credited daily so you know exactly what your money earns over a specified period of time. Your premium and credited interest are 100% protected from market volatility. You may (depending on jurisdition) also receive a death benefit, which is equal to 101% of the account value at the time of death.

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Fixed index annuity (FIA)

With a FIA, your investment return is linked to the performance of the equity markets — without any downside risk. The value is based on the annual performance of a specific market index or a combination of indices. With a FIA your money is not invested directly in the market, but rather earns interest based on the index's performance. It is issued in 3, 5 & 7 year terms on an annual point to point basis with 100% participation.

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Reinsurance Solutions

As a direct annuity writer to the international segment, Knighthead Annuity offers a high level of knowledge with respect to product design, client behavior and distribution. However, it is not a competitor to its ceding partners. Knighthead Annuity’s multiple ratings, financial strength and existing profitable business over many years are well received by ceding company regulators.

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Cayman Islands

A British overseas territory with a Governor appointment by the Queen. Cayman law protects a client's insurance assets from claims by third party creditors.

Today's successful offshore financial centers have a long history of promoting commercial certainty for global clientèle. For the Cayman Islands, this has meant adherence to recognized and relevant international standards, which has helped fuel sustainable growth of the financial sector.

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A MYGA Case Study

Meet Sonya, a 60-year-old conservative investor with over a million dollars currently held in her bank account. She wants to:

  • Grow her assets with a predictable and attractive rate of return
  • Ensure her principal is protected
  • Leave a legacy for her family
  • Have penalty-free access to her investments

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An FIA Case Study

Luis is a 55-year old moderate to conservative investor living in South America. Over the last several years he has earned some stock market gains. He wants to:

  • Earn investment income based on increases in the stock market
  • Protect investment gains from market losses
  • Leave a legacy to his children
  • Have penalty free access to his investments

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A SPIA Case Study

Meet Hiroshi, a 65-year-old businessman living in Japan who has just sold his business for the equivalent of $2,000,000. He wants to:

  • Ensure he has a guaranteed retirement income stream
  • Provide higher guaranteed payments than other traditional investment products
  • Move money into US dollars

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